Waterjet Cutting in Oxfordshire

Waterjet cutting has many benefits over conventional profiling methods, including:

Waterjet Cutting
  • No heat affected zones - it is a cold process.
  • No tool contact, therefore no edge deformation.
  • Materials from thin shim to 200mm thick can be profiled.
  • Virtually any material can be cut.
  • Clean, accurate process.
  • No tooling costs.
  • Computer 'nesting' of parts maximises material utilisation.
  • Secondary cleaning operations are reduced or eliminated.
  • No restriction on hole sizes.
  • Extremely detailed geometry.

We can cut almost any material, including: Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Titanium, Steel (mild, hardened, high alloy, tool and stainless) , Carbon Fibre, Lead, Foam, Glass, Granite, Marble, Plastics and Rubber

We can work from your computer files, a drawing or sketch. Our preferred format for computer files are CAD files (.dxf), accompanied by a dimensioned drawing. We welcome all jobs of any size, from unique one off projects to bulk orders.

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